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To share the value of international co-operation in the field of career guidance we have collected videos to inspirate the ones who are interested in the topic.

Videos from Estonian Career guidance conference “A Bold Jump into the Unknown?”

  • Why career guidance has never been so important? Dr Anthony Mann is Senior Policy Analyst at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, where he leads work on the importance of career guidance activities.  Drawing on data from around the world, his work explores how the career aspirations of young people are formed, what influence they have on educational and employment outcomes and how career guidance interventions can be most effectively delivered.
  • Rethinking guidance Dr. Raimo Vuorinen works as Project manager at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research.  In 2007-15 he was the Co-ordinator of the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network (ELGPN) which assisted the European Union Member States and the Commission in moving European cooperation on lifelong guidance forward in both the education and the employment sectors. His research interest is on evidence based lifelong guidance policy development as well as on the use of ICT in guidance.  He is the Chair of the Board of the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policies (ICCDPP).
  • Workshop - IBOBB - The concept for Austrian students The aim of the workshop was to inspire participants with the careers education and guidance experience from Austrian schools. The participants learned about IBOBB – a comprehensive model for careers education and guidance in schools, created criteria and a charter of objectives in order to enhance the importance of careers guidance in schools with the method of holistic pattern mining and shared most valuable recommendations for career guidance in Estonia.
  • Workshop - Career Learning and Development in Malta  The aim of the workshop was to share with participants how career education and guidance is delivered in Malta. The participants learned about a framework which aims to encourage a whole school approach to the planning, design and delivery of career education and career guidance, shared practical examples which can be used with students and reflected and evaluated applicability to Estonia.
  • Workshop - Lifeology as a tool for talent support in schools in Slovakia The workshop introduces the principles of Lifeology and the user experience in Slovakia. The aim was to share how to develop cognitive abilities, self-discovery and self-empowerment, self-regulation, psychological and emotional well-being, creativity and curiosity, interpersonal relationships, communication, collaboration and competition, and encourage young people to reflect on their values, attitudes, practical ethics and skills such as decision-making and problem solving.

Why and how international cooperation and mobility in guidance matters?

How Euroguidace contributes to the internationalisation in career guidance?

Why and how ICT in guidance matters?

Euroguidance hosts Nordic Baltic career guidance educators in Estonia

Estonia is a model of good ICT practice in guidance

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