Smart specialisation scholarships for BA and MA students

List of the study programmes in 2018-2019 (available in Estonian)

The smart specialisation scholarships are paid to the students of Estonian higher education institutions following the BA and MA level programmes related to the smart specialisation growth areas. The aim of the scholarship programme is to encourage enrollement to the programmes in smart specialisation growth areas, reduce the drop-out rates and, as a result, increase the number of students graduating from university with degrees in these areas. 

The study programmes are determined by the Ministry of Education and Research in close cooperation with the Estonian Development Fund and representatives of private sector. The final selection has also been approved by smart specialisation steering committee convened under the jurisdiction on Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. The study programmes are listed in the guidelines for higher education institutions (in Estonian only). 

Smart specialisation scholarships for BA and MA students:

  • amount to 160 euros per month;
  • are allocated twice a year for 5 months at a time (from September to January and from February to June);
  • the applicants are determined by the higher education institutions according to their internal procedures and deadlines.

For further information please contact participating higher education institutions.


General stipulations for smart specialisation scholarships are laid down in the § 2-4 of Estonian Government regulation No 178 from 20.12.2013 "Conditions and procedure for the provision of higher education scholarships" (Üliõpilaste stipendiumite liigid, suurus ja määramise üldtingimused, available in Estonian only). The scholarship is paid for the full months only. The payments will be terminated if the grantee fails to conform with the established eligibility criteria.

The scholarship cannot be paid during academic leave, unless the student continues studying during the leave and belongs to one or more of the following categories:

  • is with a moderate, severe or profound disability;
  • is a parent or guardian of a child under 3 years of age;
  • is a parent or guardian of a disabled child under 16 years of age;
  • is performing the compulsory military service  or alternative service.

The students taking an academic leave for any of these reasons can continue to receive a smart specialisation scholarship during their academic leave, the amounts of the scholarship will, however, be differentiated based on the actual study load. 


The allocation and payment of scholarships is the responsibility of higher education institutions. For further information on application deadlines and requirements, please refer to the participating institutions. The task of Archimedes Foundation is to distribute the Scholarship Fund between institutions and arrange reporting and surveillance. 


The guidelines for higher education institutions (in Estonian only):

General conditions for support

Guidelines for HEIs

Last updated: 24.05.2018