Selection process

IMPORTANT: from 1 August 2020, the Kristjan Jaak scholarships are managed by the Education and Youth Board of Estonia. Please visit the webpage of the Board to find out more about these scholarships. The information on the current page is not being updated.


Allocation of support is determined by the Scholarship Council on the basis of expert evaluations.

The applications which meet the criteria are assessed by the experts with scientific degree. Each application is evaluated by at least two experts. The maximum points awarded by one expert for various aspects are 30 points. The sum of the summarized points awarded by the experts form a sequence of applicants, which is the basis for the decision made by the Board. If the summarized points given by two experts differ by 10 points or more, a third expert will also be asked to assess the application. In this case, two assessments which summarized points differ less are taken into account when forming the sequence of applicants. If the summarized points given by the third expert falls exactly in the middle of the two previous experts' points, then the sequence will be formed based on a double average of the summarized points.

Experts evaluate the applications based on the following aspects: 

  • Is there a clear objective for the short study visit? 
  • Is the event/destination appropriate considering the objective? 
  • Does the applicant have an active role in the event / study period? 
  • Is the applicant motivated and prepared for the short study visit? 
  • To what extent is the short study visit related to the applicant's current activities? 
  •  Is the letter of recommendation relevant and convincing? 

Allocating the scholarship is decided by the Board on the basis of the total amount of the summarized points given by the experts. It is the Board's discretion to decide which applications should be supported. In case there are several applications which received equal points, but the budget does not allow to support them all, the Board may prefer the applications from the fields and higher education institutions that are less represented. The decisions to allocate scholarships is fixed in the minutes of the board meeting. 

The evaluation procedure takes up to 45 days from the date announced as a deadline. 

The applicant has the right not to accept the result of the scholarship competition, if the procedure specified in the guidelines has not been conducted fully or correctly. The expert opinions given to the applications or the competence to give such opinions can not be disputed.

Last updated: 23.11.2021