Scholarships for students


The purpose of the scholarships for international students is to support the exchange/credit and degree studies of international students at the Estonian institutions of higher education. The competition is open to students following the study programmes at BA, MA and PhD level, however only studies related to Estonian language and culture can be supported at the undergraduate level.

The scholarship can be awarded only to the citizens of the countries:

Group A countries:

1. The People's Republic of China
2. Israel
3. Greece
4. Poland
5. Czech Republic
6. Turkey

Group B countries:
1. United States of America
2. Armenia
3. Azerbaijan
4. Belgium
5. Brazil
6. Bulgaria
7. Egypt
8. Philippines
9. Georgia
10. Spain
11. Croatia
12. India
13. Indonesia
14. Italy
15. Canada
16. Kazakhstan
17. The Republic of Korea
18. Cyprus
19. Lithuania
20. Latvia
21. Mexico
22. Moldova
23. Portugal
24. France
25. Germany
26. Slovenia
27. Finland
28. Sri Lanka
29. United Kingdom
30. Thailand
31. Tunisia
32. Ukraine
33. Hungary
34. Russia
35. Vietnam

Period of scholarship

In case of the exchange or credit mobility, ie the student is studying in Estonia temporarily as part of her/his studies in home country, the scholarship is paid for the period from 1 to 10 month. The grant period is the period from the first day of studies up to the last day of studies as stated in the confirmation letter of the host institution. Scholarship is not awarded for periods of less than 30 days. The grant to be paid will be calculated according to the number of days of the grant period based on the rate for the respective level of studies.

In case of the degree mobility, ie the student is enrolled to the higher education institution in Estonia for the purpose of acquiring the degree, the scholarship is paid for 12 calendar months each academic year during the normal period of study, except the last academic year of the normal period of study when the scholarship is paid for ten months. The scholarship is paid on condition that the student is studying full time and completes cumulatively at least 75% of the coursework required by the end of each academic year.

Amount of scholarship

Scholarship amounts to 350 EUR per month for the undergaduate and MA students and 660 EUR per month for PhD students. Additional costs such as tuition fee, health insurance and other costs will not be compensated.

Application procedure

For the application of grants the formal application form along with motivation letter (and work plan in case of mobility grant), copy of the passport or ID-card and the following additional documents depending on the scholarship are submitted:

  • confirmation of admission from the higher education institution in Estonia or confirmation of submission of required admission documents;

The following additional documents will be submitted when applying for the student scholarship.

  • confirmation letter of the educational institution regarding the acceptance and study period of the student or submission of the entrance documents as required to the educational institution.

In case of the exchange/credit mobility, the following additional documents shall be submitted:

  • transcript of records from home university;
  • confirmation of registration from home university containing information on the applicant's level of study, normal period of studies and progress towards the degree,
  • study or research plan in the free form (maximum 2 A4 pages).

In case of degree mobility, the following additional documents shall be submitted:

  • copy of the last diploma (incl. academic certificate). If the applicant is still studying at the moment of application, the transcript of records and statement of normal period of studies shall be submitted.


The decision to award scholarship for the applicant does not guarantee his/her admittance to the higher education institution. The admission process is separate from the application for the scholarship. The applicant should submit the required documents according to the admission requirements of the higher education institution of their choice. The decision on admission shall be taken before the scholarship can be paid to the grantee. If admission examinations are not passed or the student is not enrolled due to her/his own omission, the scholarship decision is considered void. 

Application period is from 01.04.2018 to 01.05.2018! Results will be announced in June.


Last updated: 19.06.2018