Scholarship for visiting foreign Doctoral students

The sholarship is paid to the visiting PhD students who come to study in an Estonian university for one to ten months.

The visiting PhD students are selected and the payment of the scholarship is organized by universities. Universities select the grantees based on the terms and conditions set out by the given guidelines, priorities and additional conditions of the higher education institutions, and the quota set by the foundation.

The university may grant the scholarship to the person:

  • who is a PhD student at a recognized university abroad at the time of granting the scholarship;
  • whose place of residence is not in Estonia;
  • who has not stayed in Estonia for more than one year in the past three years, except for the PhD students, who have studied and completed master's studies at the Estonian higher education institution at that time.

A visiting PhD student must study at an Estonian university for at least 30 days. One person can receive the scholarship more than one time. For all the time staying here it can be allocated for maximum of 10 months.

The supervisor of the visiting PhD student here must be a lecturer, researcher or an internationally recognized creative person (in the field of arts) who has an experience in supervising a PhD student.


  • monthly living allowance 660 euros per month (The fixed unit prices for subsistence grant are established per destination country);
  • travel grant (amount of the grant depends on distance between Estonia and the country of residence).

Distance calculator:

If the distance between the point of departure and the destination is 100.00 km or more, the travel costs shall be reimbursed on the basis of the fixed unit price,as provided in thefollowing table:

Distance between cities (one-way)

Allowance for round-trip (from point of departure to destination and back)

100-499 km

180 EUR

500-1999 km

275 EUR

2000-2999 km

360 EUR

3000-3999 km

530 EUR

4000-7999 km

820 EUR

8000 and more km

1100 EUR



More information or for submitting the application, please contact your higher education institution’s Dora Plus coordinator

Last updated: 13.03.2019