Scholarship for foreign Master`s students

MA students are selected and the payment of the scholarship is organized by universities. Universities select the grantees based on the terms and conditions set out by the given guidelines, priorities and additional conditions of the higher education institutions, and the quota set by the foundation.

The higher education institution may grant the scholarship to the person:

  • who is a full-time master student at the level studies in this higher education institution;
  • who does not have Estonian citizenship;
  • whose place of residence is not in Estonia;
  • who does not have a permanent right of residence or a long-term residence permit in Estonia;
  • who has not stayed in Estonia for more than one year in the past three years.



The scholarship is 350 euros per month. The scholarship could be awarded for one academic year, i.e. 10 calendar months at a time and to those who are studying full-time scholarship is granted for one academic year at a time (for 10 months).


More information or for submitting the application, please contact your higher education institution’s Dora Plus coordinator

Last updated: 09.09.2019