Principles of selection

The awarding of scholarships is determined by the Council of Compatriot's Programme.

When assessing the applications the following aspect will be considered by the council:

  • motivation of applicant;
  • applicant’s scholarly record;
  • Estonian language proficiency;
  • applicant's voluntary work and social activities;
  • geographic distribution of scholarships;
  • the cost of a study place in specific field.

Subject to budgetary constraints, the Council has the right to increase and reduce the number of scholarships awarded. In the case when there are no applicants who meet the requirements the Council may refuse to award any scholarships. The language skills can be assessed in an interview with the applicant.

For equal candidates, curricula up to 3 years (BA, MA and language studies) are preferred. Integrated learning students can also apply.

Last updated: 26.03.2020