Preparatory visits

Applications for preparatory visits through the EEA/Norway Cooperation Programme in Higher Education.

Each participant can apply for up to 1000 EUR to cover the costs of the preparatory visit.

This opportunity targets staff from Estonian higher education institutions who would like to find and strengthen relations with potential partner institutions for future applications for mobility and cooperation projects. A preparatory visit can last up to 5 days (including travel days).

The preparatory visit has to take place before the application deadline of the final application round (likely April of 2021) at the latest.

In case of interest, simply fill in the application form at the bottom of this page and upload it directly to the system of the Archimedes Foundation using the link found in the application form. If the application is deemed necessary and well-argued, then we will send you a written reply with our decision. In case of a positive decision, your sending institution will have to fund your visit and organize your travel and living arrangements.

Following the visit, you are required to upload a description of the results of the said visit, as well as fill in a reimbursement application or send us an invoice, including all the relevant travel documents. These will be used to reimburse travel, living costs and daily allowances to the sending institutions. Travel costs include all costs related to travel (excluding parking costs) with all relevant modes of transportation from the starting point to the end location and back. Travel insurance is included in travel costs. Living costs include a daily allowance, as well as costs for accommodation. A maximum of 1000 EUR per person per visit will be reimbursed, any additional costs must be covered by the higher education institution.

Not more than 2 members of staff from the same institution can take part in the same preparatory visit at the same time.

The overall budget of this activity is 20 000 EUR, preparatory visits will be funded on a rolling budget until funds last.

Preparatory visit APPLICATION 

Preparatory visit REPORT 


Last updated: 08.01.2021