Payments and progress


The scholarship payments can be made based on the confirmation of admission and framework agreement between Archimedes Foundation and the host institution. In practice, Archimedes Foundation will transfer the amounts allocated for the scholarships to the bank account of the higher education institution. The host institutions make then the payments to the individual students and researchers. Archimedes makes the first payments (covering scholarships from September to January) to the universities within 21 days from signing the framework agreement and second payments (covering scholarships from February to August) within 21 days from the submission of interim reports. 

Requirements for progress and residence

The host institutions can make the payments to the selected degree students who continue to study full-time and fulfill cumulatively at least 75% of required study load by the end of each semester. Scholarships are not paid during academic leave or in periods exceeding normal period of studies. The initially awarded period of scholarship cannot be extended later. 

The exchange students, researchers and participants of short courses shall live in Estonia during the period of scholarship. The host institution shall return to Archimedes the scholarships for the periods when the grantee has not lived in Estonia or has not participated in studies according to the agreed workload. Degree students can temporarily leave the country as long as their academic results conform with the requirements for progress.

Last updated: 07.09.2016