Payments and progress

IMPORTANT: from 1 August 2020, the programme activites are coordinated by the Education and Youth Board of Estonia. Please visit the webpage of the Board to find out more about these scholarships. The information on the current page is not being updated.



The schoalrship payments can be made based on the confirmation of admission and framework agreement between Education and Youth Board and the host institution. In practice, Education and Yout Board will transfer the amounts allocated for the scholarships to the bank account of the higher education institution. The host institutions make then the payments to the individual researchers. Board makes the first payments (covering autumn semester scholarships) to the universities within 21 days from signing the framework agreement and second payments (covering spring semester scholarships) within 21 days from the submission of interim reports. 

Requirements for progress and residence

The host institutions can make the payments to the selected researchers.

Researchers and participants of short courses shall live in Estonia during the period of scholarship or grant. The host institution shall return to Education and Youth Board the scholarships for the periods when the grantee has not lived in Estonia or has not participated in studies according to the agreed workload. Except for participation in online summer courses.

Last updated: 23.11.2021