New illustrations for the Estonian national epic drawn by Spanish Erasmus student in Estonia

Studying with the Erasmus programme in the Estonian Academy of Arts (Eesti Kunstiakadeemia) encouraged a young Spanish artist Joan Llopis Doménech to make new illustrations for the Estonian national epic „Kalevipoeg” (“Kalev’s Sons”). Doménech was taking different classes in printmaking techniques, lithography, comic books, stained glass lessons and many other fields.

Doménech opened an exhibition in Valencia last month – as the photos show, the opening in Museu de la Festa was full of admirers of the young artist’s work. The Spanish students was studying in the Estonian Academy of Arts in the academic year 2014/2015 and has stressed on the influence that the Academy had on his artistic development.

“My experience at EAA (Estonian Academy of Arts) was brilliant. In fact, it was during my Erasmus studies when I realized that illustration should be my vocation. Studying in Estonia helped me a lot to understand the diversity of subjects and the freedom of developing your own projects and ideas. I learned from everything – printmaking techniques, lithography, comic books or even stained glass lessons. Each subject has opened my mind and has been useful to improving my own style. Also, I’ve always felt support by the teachers, they really encourage students and pay attention to their views and goals, so it’s a very familiar atmosphere and you can feel more productive. Especially I want to say that the illustrator Gerda Märtens has helped me a lot and has been a great influence. My Estonian friends and classmates have always supported me in this project too and I’ve learned a lot from them,” said Doménech.

Take a look the illustrations HERE.

Last updated: 20.12.2016
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