Frequently asked questions

IMPORTANT: from 1 August 2020, the Kristjan Jaak scholarships are managed by the Education and Youth Board of Estonia. Please visit the webpage of the Board to find out more about these scholarships. The information on the current page is not being updated.


Q: Can my visit last longer than 30 days, if I will pay for the days exceeding the allowed period?

A: The total duration of the foreign visit may not exceed 30 days, regardless of the period of payment of the scholarship.


Q: Do I also have to submit an invitation letter if I just want to work in a library or in an archive? 

A: In the case of a visit to an archive or a library, a printout of the opening hours on the website of the institution or a reply letter from an employee of the institution will be accepted.


Q: If my actual costs are higher than anticipated, is it possible to increase the amount of the support?

A: The scholarship cannot be increased because of the amount of the scholarship will be formed on the basis of fixed support rates and is independent of the actual cost of the visit. We strongly suggest you explore the offers of different companies in terms of both travel expenses and accommodation.


Q: Should I enclose the accommodation invoice and any other cost receipts with the report?

A: The report must include report form and the confirmation letter regarding participation in the event. Submission of hotel invoices, invoices of transportation costs and documents proving the payment thereof are not required.

Q: Is a document certifying the payment of the participation fee or a name tag sufficient as the letter of confirmation of participation in the event? 

A: The letter of confirmation to be submitted must be a letter of confirmation or a certificate (including in the case of a visit to the library) issued by the organisers. A name tag or a confirmation of payment of the participation fee are not sufficient.


Q: If the period of my foreign visit  was shortened, but the actual costs were higher than the allocated support, do I still have to make a refund?

A: If the period of the foreign visit was shortened, but the costs were higher than the scholarship, then, unfortunately, it is not possible to take into account the actual costs; the basis for the support is the period spent abroad. After submission of the report, the scholarship recipient will be sent information regarding  the amount of the refund.


Q: If my actual costs are higher than the scholarship, may I seek  covering the expenses also from other resources?

A: Use of other sources of financing for covering the expenses financed by the scholarship is not allowed.


Q: Can I apply for the scholarship  ex-post facto?

A: The scholarship can be applied for only for the foreign visits  starting not earlier than one month after the deadline for applications. For example, if the deadline is March 1, the study visit, with the departure from Estonia, may not begin earlier than on April 1. If the visit begins earlier (even by one day), the application does not meet the requirements, and will be dismissed.

Last updated: 23.11.2021