European network of Lifelong Guidance and International Mobility

Starting from 2019, Estonia is represented in the Euroguidance network by Foundation Archimedes (earlier Foundation Innove).

Euroguidance is an European network of national resource and information centres for guidance. Euroguidance centres operate in about 35 countries. The main target group of Euroguidance is guidance practitioners and policy makers from both the educational and employment sectors in all European countries.

The overall objective of the Euroguidance network is the competence development of the guidance community on the European dimension of lifelong guidance. The two main tasks are to:

  • Support the development of the European dimension of lifelong guidance within national guidance systems through strategic cooperation with relevant national and EU authorities, services and networks, as well as through information sharing, peer learning and facilitating international
  • Support competence development of guidance practitioners and raise their knowledge and awareness on the value of international mobility for career management and skills development.

Some of the most exciting activities were done when Estonia was organizing European Guidance Week 2017 and releasing the „Lifelong Guidance in Estonia“ publication, which provides an overview of Estonian education, labour market and guidance councelling systems.

Would you like to expand your professional network and establish contacts with colleagues from other countries? Do you think that new inspiration from other countries and cultures might be good for your professional development? If yes, then the national Euroguidance centre is at your disposal.

You are welcome to contact Margit Rammo at or find all Euroguidance centres across Europe at


Last updated: 24.04.2019