Estophilus scholarship

Scholarship guidelines 2017

The Estophilus scholarship may be applied for by the international master students, PhD students and post-doctorate researchers from universities abroad while staying in Estonia for conducting research or collecting material about Estonia. When applying for the scholarship, the Estonian language proficiency is an advantage but not a requirement. The amount of scholarship is 500 euros per month. The grantee is provided with extra travel grant, which amount is given in the scholarship guidelines. 
Deadlines for the applications are 1 March 2017 and 1 October 2017. Call for applications will be opened one month before the deadline. 
Imporant: the application has to be signed. There are two options. 
1) either sign digitally in our application system or 
2) fill in the application and submit it in our application system. Then print the application, sign and post to following address: 
Koidula 13a
Tallinn 10125 
Last updated: 07.04.2017