Eligibility criteria

An eligibile applicant must be a foreign student who wishes to complete his or her Master's or Doctoral studies in the Estonian higher education institution.

Dora Plus Action 2 provides support to:

  • foreign Doctoral students, who study full time during the nominal time of their studies;
  • short-term study or research of visiting Doctoral students in Estonia (1-10 months);
  • foreign Master`s students, who study full-time in Estonia (support is provided one academic year at a time).

A higher education institution may award a scholarship to a person:

  • who is a full-time Master's or Doctoral student of the higher education institution providing the scholarship;
  • who is not a citizen of Estonia;
  • whose country of residence is not Estonia;
  • who does not hold a permanent or long-term residence permit in Estonia;
  • who has not resided in Estonia for more than one year during the past three years, except for Doctoral students, who have completed their Master's studies in and Estonian higher education institution.*


*The restriction of residence and previous stay in Estonia applies only when applying for a scholarship for the first time.

Last updated: 09.10.2018