Eligibility of applicants

The scholarship may be applied for by:

  • the master's and PhD students of the Estonian higher education institutions; 
  • the advanced students of the Estonian higher education institutions at integrated curricula; 
  • the students who have the Kristjan Jaak scholarship for degree studies and who study in a university abroad; 
  • doctor-residents working in Estonia; 
  • young scientists and lecturers of the Estonian higher education institutions who are not older than 35 years of age or who have not defended their doctoral degree more than 5 years ago. Parental leave can be extended proportionally. 

During the academic leave, the use of the scholarship is allowed only if the rules of the study programme of the home university allow for participation in tuition during academic leave. 

Support can be asked for covering the costs of one person only. Group applications will not be accepted. In the case when more than two applications are submitted for the participation in the same event from the same level of study, subject area and university, only the first two applications will be sent to further evaluation. 

During the academic year, a maximum of two scholarships shall be awarded to one person. An applicant may submit one application for one call for application. 

Last updated: 30.04.2018