Dora Plus short study visits (T1.1)

Dora Plus Activity 1.1 guidelines

Dora Plus programme provides support to the MA and PhD students, resident physicians and young faculty members from higher education institutions in Estonia for participation in the research conferences, seminars, courses or other learning and research related activity abroad.
The aim of the support is to improve the awareness of young researchers and MA students about the diverse study and research practices, increase their participation in international co-operation projects and to improve the effectiveness of doctoral studies in Estonian universities. Dora Plus short study visits can last for up to 30 calendar days. 

The individual applicants shall turn to their home institution who are responsible for selecting the grantees. The scholarships to the grantees will then be paid out by Archimedes Foundation.

Students and young researchers from 20 higher education institutions can apply for the support in the academic year. These institutions are: 

  1. The Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
  2. Tartu Theological Seminary
  3. Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences
  4. Estonian Academy of Arts
  5. Estonian Aviation Academy
  6. Estonian University of Life Sciences
  7. Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary
  8. Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
  9. Estonian Business School
  10. Euroacademy
  11. Estonian National Defence College
  12. Lääne-Viru College
  13. Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
  14. TTK University of Applied Sciences
  15. Tallinn University of Technology
  16. Tallinn Health Care College
  17. Tallinn University
  18. Tartu Art College
  19. Tartu Health Care College
  20. University of Tartu

More information or for submitting the application, please contact your higher education institution’s Dora Plus coordinator.

The universities can enlist new grantees on these dates: January 10, February 10, March 10, April 10, May 10, June 10, August 10, September 10, October 10, November 10, December 10. 

The contact person for Dora Plus short study visits in Archimedes Foundation is Ms. Katrin Kiisler (ph. +372 730 0710, 

Last updated: 17.07.2018