Contract and reporting

Contractual matters

The participating higher education institutions can send the list of selected grantees to Archimedes by the 10th day of every month (except 10 July). The institutions shall present the data of grantees using an electronic application system ( at the earliest opportunity, generally doing so 6 weeks before the start of the study migration at the latest. The data must include the grantee’s name, contact data, and the purpose, destination and time of the study migration.

Archimedes gets in contact with the grantees on the basis of the data presented by the higher education institutions. Before signing the contract, the grantee shall submit a data set via the online application environment (, including the following:

  • event’s programme (if participating in an event). If there is no approved programme, a link to the event’s website shall be included OR individual work plan approved by the instructor/direct superior (if using the scholarship for individual work);
  • confirmation or registration to the event or the host organisation's official invitation or letter of confirmation or an excerpt from the library’s website indicating that the grantee has access to the library’s services (if working in library);
  • the invoice of the participation fee and confirmation of payment (if participation fee is covered from scholarship and is paied by beneficiary). 

Archimedes shall normally sign the contract with the grantee no later than 4 weeks before the start of the study migration. The contract sets out the grant amount and the terms of using the scholarship.


When returning from the study visit, the grantee must present the following documents:

  • a letter of confirmation of participation in the event / individual work, containing a description of the event’s theme / the individual work performed and the participation dates, and being issued and undersigned by the organiser, the host, the individual work instructor or an employee of the institution where the individual work took place. NB! This is an absolute must! Without a confirmation letter, the costs are considered ineligible and the scholarship must be returned to Archimedes
  • the invoice of the participation fee and confirmation of payment (if the grantee is compensated for the event’s participating fee).

The contact person for Dora Plus short study visits in Archimedes Foundation is Ms. Marge Teder (ph. +372 730 0121, 


Last updated: 27.10.2017