Contract and payment

IMPORTANT: from 1 August 2020, the Kristjan Jaak scholarships are managed by the Education and Youth Board of Estonia. Please visit the webpage of the Board to find out more about these scholarships. The information on the current page is not being updated.


Usually, the Foundation concludes an agreement stipulating the amount of the scholarship and the conditions for the use thereof one month prior to the start of the study visit. Confirmation of registration to the conference shall be presented to Archimedes before te contract can be prepared (in case these were not submitted for application). 

The grant is transferred to the bank account of the grantee no later than 14 days before the start of the visit, but not before the contract has been signed by both parties. An advance payment of the support cannot be made to individuals who have outstanding contractual obligations to the Archimedes.

The grantee undertakes to refer to the Ministry of Education and Research, and the Archimedes Foundation in the relevant documents and speeches as sponsors of their studies.

Last updated: 23.11.2021