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Contact seminar is an event organized by the agency in the country that has joined the Erasmus+ programme to find cooperation partners. The seminar will be attended by organizations  from all over Europe, who are looking for a partner. They shall make acquaintance with their colleagues form working groups according to the topics of interest and practice preparing proper project applications in an international team.

The organization interested in attending the seminar must submit a respective application to the Archimedes Foundation.
APPLICATION must be submitted electronically. The application is digitally signed by the head of the institution and uploaded via the website.

The eligibility and content of the application shall be assessed by the selection committee of the Foundation on the basis of the following criteria: suitability of the applying institution and the relation of its activity with the topic of the seminar, justification of the need for participation, the content of the application and the existence of the project idea which also gives additional advantage.

In case of allocating the grant, the Archimedes Foundation shall conclude a contract with the applying institution. Under the contract, the Archimedes Foundation may pay the following expenses regarding the short study visit:

  • the participation fee of the seminar (if any) directly to the organizer (the participation fee usually includes accommodation, catering and other organizational expenses);
  • travel expenses (up to 500 euros), including:
    • public transportation costs from Estonia to the destination and back (airplane, bus, ship, train);
    • taxi fares on the first and last day of the travel, if necessary, which are only eligible if the use of public transportation is not possible (e.g., in case of late or early flight);
    • use of a personal car, if necessary (the compensation amount is 0.13 euros per kilometer based on the distance travelled; the distance calculation is based on the address of the grantee's institution and the destination using the web environment; subject to compensation are fuel receipts/checks dated from the day preceding the seminar until the day after the seminar);
  • travel insurance for the period of short study visit;
  • subsistence expenses, if necessary (daily allowance for the travel days, hotel accommodation, unless the seminar organizer compensates these (see details of the seminar description and application form), or if extra nights are added due to the long trip;
  • expenses related with special needs (if any).


All expenses related with the short study visit are calculated according to the actual expenses.

Within two weeks after the short study visit, the institution shall electronically submit a final report, which must be digitally signed and uploaded through the website.

Additional information: Asse Sild, Phone: 699 9398, e-mail:

Last updated: 20.05.2019