Amount of scholarship

Successful applicants will be awarded a scholarship until the completion of the selected programme of studies in their chosen speciality.

The scholarship includes:

  • a one-time settling in allowance;
  • a monthly subsistence grant during studies;
  • travel grant (travel expenses for travelling home and back twice a year); 
  • extra scholarship for good academic performance, paid once a year;
  • state fee for residence permit and health insurance, if necessary.

For receiving the subsistence grant next year, the grantee must complete at least 75% of the annual study volume. The scholarship is not paid during academic leave or during studies which have exceeded the nominal period.


Subsistence grant is 350 euros per month and it is transferred to the grantee's bank account as follows: 

  • the scholarship for 5 academic months (from September to January) is paid at once at the beginning of the academic year after signing the contract / annex of the contract;
  • for the following 5 academic months (from February to June), the scholarship is paid after submitting the study results of the autumn semester;
  • the scholarship for 2 summer months (from July to August) is paid after submitting the study results of the spring semester, except for the last academic year.

Archimedes will only proceed to pay out the second instalment if the recipient has fulfilled his/her duties (submitted the required reports, shown due progress in his/her studies, etc). In order to receive the scholarship, the grantee must sign a scholarship agreement with the host institution and Archimedes. The scholarship is exempt from income tax under Estonian legislation.

In addition to their subsistence allowance, first-year students will also receive a 200 euros settling-in allowance paid out in cash upon their arrival. The settling-in allowance will help recipients cover incidental costs incurred in moving to their place of residence in Estonia (deposits towards accommodation at a student residence, application fees for a student card, a library card and an ID card, etc) and to cope with basic everyday needs during their first weeks in Estonia until scholarship funds are transferred to their bank account. The settling-in allowance is also intended to provide a cushion against the extra costs inevitably involved in moving residence.


Travel grant is paid for covering the expenses for travelling from home to the educational institution and back. It is not possible to receive the grant for only one direction of travel. The travel grant is paid 2 times a year and it is transferred to the grantee's bank account with the first and second instalment of the scholarship.

The amount of travel grant depends on the distance between the grantee's home town and the educational institution. When calculating the distance, the European Commission's web-based calculator is used

  • If the distance between the home town and the educational institution is up to 99,99 km (inclusive), the travel expenses shall be reimbursed in the amount up to 180 euros on the basis of expense receipts.
  • If the distance between the home town and the educational institution is 100 km or more, the travel expenses shall be reimbursed on the basis of unit price based on the rates brought out in the following table: 
  Distance from a city to a city (one direction) Grant for a round trip (to the destination and back)
1 100 – 499 km EUR 180
2 500 – 1999 km EUR 275
3 2000 – 2999 km EUR 360
4 3000 – 3999 km EUR 530
5 4000 – 7999 km EUR 820
6 8000 km or more EUR 1100


At the end of each academic year, the Foundation shall pay a one-time extra scholarship to the grantee whose average grade in the previous year was 4.0 or higher. The extra scholarship is equal to the subsistence grant of one month. 

Students admitted in 2013 year or later will no have tuition fees free for the studies as full-time students at public higher education institutions. Free education is guaranteed only for students, who acquire 30 ECTS every semester. Archimedes Foundation will pay tuition fees in case if student have not cumulatively completed the amount of required credit hours by the beginning of the next semester in the capacity of 7,5 ECTS for the semester.

Tuition fees of language learning

The Foundation shall reimburse the tuition fees of the grantee of language learning according to the ECTS price set in bachelor's studies in the University of Tartu. 

Last updated: 04.04.2017