Amount of scholarship

IMPORTANT: from 1 August 2020, the Kristjan Jaak scholarships are managed by the Education and Youth Board of Estonia. Please visit the webpage of the Board to find out more about these scholarships. The information on the current page is not being updated.


The amount of the scholarship is calculated on the basis of unit prices for travel and living expenses. Unit prices that are used when calculating the scholarship amount are confirmed by the regulation of the Minister for Education and Research.

  • Subsistence grant covers accommodation and subsistence costs of the grantee. Subsistence grant is paid for up to 12 months. The unit price of the subsistence grant is set for one calendar day. The grantee must stay at the foreign university or research institution  during the scholarship period (except for the winter and spring breaks).
  • Travel grant is paid for covering the expenses for travelling from the point of departure to the destination (to the location of the university abroad or research institution) and back. The travel grant reimbursed on the basis of unit prices contains all the travel-related costs, including transportation to the airport and from the airport to the destination and also costs related to visa.

When granting the scholarship, the start and end point of the study periods abroad is considered to be the same city. It is not possible to receive the scholarship for a one-way trip. The scholarship can fund trips starting both from Estonia and abroad. The travel expenses can be reimbursed for a maximum of two times (2 round trips a year).

  • The amount of travel grant depends on the distance between the point of departure and the destination. When calculating the distance, the European Commission's web-based calculator is used
  • If the distance between the point of departure and the destination is up to 99,99 km (inclusive), the travel expenses shall be reimbursed in the amount up to 180 euros on the basis of expense receipts.
  • If the distance between the point of departure and the destination is 100 km or more, the travel expenses shall be reimbursed on the basis of fixed price, taking into account the rates in the following table:
  Allowance for a round-trip Distance from city to city
1 EUR 180 100- 499 km
2 EUR 275 500- 1999 km
3 EUR 360 2000- 2999 km
4 EUR 530 3000 – 3999 km
5 EUR 820 4000 – 7999 km
6 EUR 1100 8000 km or more 


The Education and Youth Authority may adjust the amounts of the applied grants if the amount in the application differs from the amount calculated based on unit prices.

The amount of the scholarship approved by the program board cannot be increased.

The grantee may not simultaneously receive the Kristjan Jaak scholarship for study periods abroad and the Erasmus+ learning mobility or Dora Plus activity 1.2 scholarship. It is allowed to use the Erasmus+ student exchange agreements to study abroad. Other additional fundings must be shown in the application.

Last updated: 23.11.2021