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Guidance practitioners across Europe have a crucial role to support their clients in finding their path in learning and work. Considering the constantly changing world guidance practitioners themselves need to have competencies to support also international opportunities internationally. The best spokesman for learning mobility is a practitioner with personal experience - as participants of learning mobilities, they experience the differences in intercultural discourse and know how important it is in today’s borderless Europe. 

Since 1992, Euroguidance centres in different countries have provided short-term learning motilities for guidance professionals, the most substantial of which is Academia. To date, over 2 000 practitioners from all over Europe have taken part in the study exchanges. Academia offers participants the opportunity to understand learning in a multicultural environment, it gives an overview of both education and working life as well as of lifelong guidance systems in various countries. One can practise their professional language skills, grow their professional network and learn about new practices. See more on Academia network.

Estonia joined the Academia network in 2000 and, since then, nearly 150 practitioners and experts have visited Estonia and approximately the same number of Estonian professionals have had the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge abroad. 

Spring 2019 was an absolute record for Estonian career guidance professionals – 23 of them went for the Academia exchanges in Belgium, Latvia, France, Germany, Britain, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

In August 2019, an online survey among career specialists was conducted in order to clarify 

  • the experiences of career practitioners and their assessment of international cooperation opportunities, 
  • the impact of international study visits on their professional development and 
  • expectations for the future. 

The study confirms that international learning mobility primarily enables career professionals to improve their professional language skills, expand their professional network and adopt new guidance practices. The report is available in Estonian here.

In 2020, the initial plan was to send 15 practitioners for learning mobility to various European countries in cooperation with the Unemployment Insurance Fund, TalTech and Innove. We also intend to organize Academia exchange in Estonia on May 18-21. on Career Guidance in Higher Education and Employment Offices. Unfortunately, due to the established emergency, several activities are pending.

Please find below what practitioners with personal mobility experience are talking about:

“The greatest value you can take with you from these visits is that when you are in a different environment, you instantly start generating new ideas.”
“I was motivated mostly by my interest and curiosity about getting to know how career guidance practitioners from other European countries work. I also wanted to find good ideas that could be put into practice in Estonia.”

Academia 2019 in Estonia

Academia 2019 in Estonia

Last updated: 17.04.2020